Who is RoofBidders?
RoofBidders is owned and operated by Texans living in the Greater Houston area. Our background is in real estate, remodeling/contracting, and property related insurance resolution.

RoofBiddersworks for you, the property owner, and gets the best possible price for your roof job.Fast, easy, and transparent, Roofbidders take the stress out of dealing with sales people and contractors coming to your home and selling you.

We eliminate the liability and fear that comes never bidding out the job and signing a contract with a single roofer who claims that he will replace your roof for whatever the insurance company will give you.

We do not work for the insurance company. We do not work for a roofer. We are not a roofer or contractor. We’re not a middle man who upcharges you for something you can do yourself.

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