Do you know how much it costs to replace the roof on your house? Maybe $10 ,000 to $12,000?

Think about it for a minute.

Does it seem strange somehow that the roofer can always replace the roof for exactly the insurance claim amount, especially when the insurance adjuster and the roofer stood on your driveway and argued vigorously for 20 minutes about a higher estimate?

No problem, right, you paid the deductible and, boom, new roof for a tenth out-of-pocket of the estimate. Or maybe your roofer was reasonable and, “just because he likes you,” waived the deductible.

If you were going to do any other home improvement project, wouldn’t you shop for the best price? You might even price out the materials yourself so you know the materials cost. Wait, how much are roofing materials? And that whole insurance estimate and deductible waiving is still troubling. This guy just showed up at your door, and suddenly you are getting a new roof for little or nothing out-of-pocket, great! Or is it? Don’t feel bad, ask a realtor who’s had storm damage, and they’ve fallen into the same scheme.

What if I told you if the roofer estimated a $12,000 roof replacement, chances are it costs him less than $8,000? He’s pocketing the claim that you’ve paid years of premiums to get. It’s your money, but how do you protect yourself? Send it out to bid, make them give you the best price.

Where to start? RoofBidders.com.

We will file a claim with your insurance on your behalf; no paperwork for you to do. We take a satellite picture of your roof and send it to our trusted network of roofer to bid out the project. We will present two to three best bids from which you can choose. When roofers bid, you win. Request a bid today.

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