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Winter Time – Tip for Preventive Roof Maintenance

Fall has quickly passed and we’re moving into Winter, although in the South it stills feels like Fall.  Yesterday, I had a Christmas light installer put lights on my home.  He pointed out that several sections of the roof had “slippery” shingles – meaning the granules easily came off.   I assured him that I knew and asked him to use a ladder instead of running around on my roof.

Preventive roof maintenance is an absolute necessity.  The heat of the summer is behind us, but it’s possible that you have buckled shingles, dried out caulking, or leaking roof areas which are unidentified.  Strong winds over the past several months may have lifted shingles or blown debris such as tree limbs onto your roof.  Take a good look at your drains which easily become clogged which then results in improper drainage which can set up a water penetration situation in the future.

Cold weather issues

Winter brings cold weather, higher winds, and blowing dead or loose debris, which will damage your roof.   As your roof continues to be exposed to nature’s elements, your roof integrity will degrade resulting in damage that can go undetected until it becomes a serious problem.  It is good to remember that your roof is the skin protecting your home or commercial building.  If you have a lot of snow then you should consider snow guards such as those designed by Rock Mountain Snow Guards like this:

Roof maintenance instrument snow guard

Snow Guard from Rocky Mountain

Roof maintenance is as important as auto maintenance

Preventive roof maintenance should be viewed as important as preventive maintenance on a car and truck.  Skipping oil changes or mileage service points will slowly degrade your vehicle – roof maintenance is no different.  I encourage you to have your roof inspected by a professional every three years, or more frequently if you do no engage in preventive maintenance or have moved into a new home and have no idea if the seller did any type of roof maintenance.

Remember though to not jump to conclusions about your roof needing to be replaced simply because a single roofer says you need one.  A quality roofing company will present ideas on how to patch or otherwise mediate your damage.  When you are ready to replace your roof get multiple bids from quality roofing contractors.

Maintenance conclusions

If you are able to get up on your roof, even if only partially via a ladder, do it.  Do your own inspection looking for problems that need to be addressed.  You will save a lot of money by proactively maintaining your roof and heading off issues before they become big problems.

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