What are some of the most common roof problems in the winter? – Part 2

Snow Avalanche

Snow Avalanche

In part one of common roof problems in the winter we began examining some of the frequent issues that arise in the cold.   What are some of the other issues?

Skylight leaks. While great for letting in natural light, skylights must be properly sealed.   Piled up snow and icy rains can put a lot of pressure on skylights and the flashing around their seals.  Make sure the flashing around the skylight is intact.

Chimneys.  Roof flashing leaks around the chimney or nearby areas can quickly become channels for water to enter the home.  Accumulated snow slows water drainage off the roof, providing extra time for water to enter the home through even the smallest hole or crack.

Ice dams.  Ice dams occur when snow melts from heat loss in the attic which causes the water to run down the roof and then re-freeze on the of the edge of the roof.  Ice dams are more likely to occur on structures with poor insulation.  Water then backs up because it is not draining properly.  This slow draining and pooling water can infiltrate your shingles and thereby enter your home.   Make sure to keep the gutters clean and clear.

Snow avalanches.  A pile of snow accumulates on the roof to the point of crashing down.  When snow avalanches occur they can injure anyone standing below.  Snowguards can be installed to keep snow in place so it can gradually melt and drain into the gutters instead of crashing off the roof.

Wintertime is beautiful so do not let these common roof problems ruin your snowy season.  Be proactive and keep your roof in great shape so it can protect you and your home from the elements.

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