Cashback on a Roof?How can RoofBidders offer cash back when traditional roofers cannot?

Replacing a roof costs thousands of dollars, which means someone (or multiple someone’s) are PAYING thousands.  However, RoofBidders claims to be able to give cash back.

How does this work?  Is RoofBidders rebating the deductible?

No, we are not rebating the deductible. We are not absorbing the deductible. Nor are we doing anything else  else that is considered a crime or could put a property owner in legal jeopardy.

REMEMBER: Slam the door shut if someone promises to replace your roof without you paying the deductible OR promises to absorb it or give it back. Insurance fraud is a felony.

Honest roofers, such as those who are either BBB or RCAT members, pledge to operate in a manner that keeps everyone away from insurance fraud and out of jail.

How does RoofBidders’ system save money and at the same time create cash back on a roof?

In the past, it was costly, as well as time and labor intensive, to estimate roofing or similar contracting jobs. This is even more so when a contractor is competitively bidding.  The contractor needs to know exactly how much the job will cost to determine a profitable bid.

Our ability to leverage highly sophisticated satellite technology that did not exist several years ago gives us a unique edge.   Couple this with competitive blind bidding and we get massive cost savings which in turn allows us to generate profits and share them with you.

We provide a unique platform for consumers and roofers – one in which both win.  All without anyone stepping foot on the property and most times you get cash back on your roof.

How does saving money for roofers help property owners?

Roofers spend a tremendous amount of money in sales and marketing.  Most roofing contractors send sales teams into neighborhoods to knock doors.  But RoofBidders bring the roof jobs directly to the roofer, saving 20-30% (typical sales commissions run 25%).

With huge cost savings, high quality roofers can afford to lower their prices and competitively bid on jobs.

This is why we save When Roofers Bid, You Win!

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