5 Reasons You MUST Notify Your Insurance Company After A Recent Storm

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Why You Must Notify The Insurance Company After A Recent Wind or Hail Storm?

One of the most frequent questions asked is “Do I need to notify my insurance company?” or similarly, “Do I have to call my insurance company?”

The simple answer is YES.  Call and make an insurance claim.  Not only does it makes sense but you most likely must do it or you breach your insurance contract.

Homeowners often are nervous about making an insurance claim, even after storm damage.  Usually this fear stems from past experiences related to auto insurance.  That being, that rates will increase after a claim.  But property insurance contracts and State insurance laws are different.

Top 5 Reasons To Notify The Insurance Company After A Recent Hail Storm

1. If you have recently received damage you are more than likely REQUIRED to notify the insurance company under your policy.

2. In the future, they can deny a roof replacement claim due to undisclosed and previous damage.

3. There exists a statute of limitations on insurance claims.  Once this run out, the insurance company can deny your request to replace the roof.

4. You are paying for insurance in case of storm damage or similar reasons.  Why would you not use it?

5. Your rates CANNOT be raised for making a claim, whether approved or denied.  Repeat the words: CANNOT be raised.

So in the immortal words of Nike, Just Do It!

Notify the Insurance Company after a recent hail storm by making an insurance claim.  Get the estimated damage and monies available to replace your roof from the insurance company.

Bid out the job to at least seven different companies to find the best contractors at the best price.  Save tons of money. Enjoy your new roof.

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