Blue mix tile roof

Blue Mixed Tile Roof courtesy of St. Louis, Mo

Tile Roofing Myths

While many homeowners love the look of a Tile roof, common myths surrounding Tile shingles have resulted in homeowners often considering only Asphalt shingles.

What are some of the common myths preventing homeowners from considering Tile roofing?

Myth #1: Tiles absorb water causing them to eventually collapse

Truth #1:  Older, inferior tiles manufactured 20+ years ago often absorbed water and failed prematurely.  Today’s modern tiles are better made and coated with erosion and water-resistant agents.  Tiles today are expected to last 50 to 100 years.

Myth #2:  Tile roofing is more expensive than asphalt

Truth #2: Tile roofing is more expensive upfront, but it is very cost-effective in the long-term.  The typical Asphalt roof rarely lasts 20 years in the Texas heat or Wisconsin cold.  A modest hailstorm can shred even “Lifetime” Asphalt shingles, while sturdier clay or concrete-style Tile shingles can repel that same size hail with little or no damage.  Tile shingles can last two to three times longer than Asphalt shingles and Tile provides superior ventilation and drainage.

Myth #4:    Tiles are food for lichen and moss

Truth #3:  Mosses and lichen do not eat Tile.  But if left unchecked and not removed, lichen or moss can begin clogging drainage areas.

Myth #4:    Tile roofs have to be painted

Truth #4: Tile roofs can be painted, but it is by no means necessary.  In fact, Tile comes in a variety of colors straight from the manufacturer.

Myth #5:  Tiles easily break and offer less protection

Truth #5:  While some argue that Metal roofing is tougher than Tile, it is undeniable that Tile offers superior protection compared to Wood or Asphalt shingles.  Tile shingles are thicker, stronger, and better able to repel hail, branches, and storm debris.


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