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RoofBidders is committed to making roof replacement easy and transparent for property owners.

We have a perfect A+ record with the
Better Business Bureau.  You pay no fees for our all-inclusive satellite estimates, measurements, and bidding services.  Pay only your state required insurance deductibles.  Our process is straightforward and we publish our agreement for everyone to see.  Click here to see our agreement.

Simply contact us about your roof and we do the rest!  In most large metropolitan areas we have 200+ roofers who are eager to bid on your roof. 

  • Have an insurance claim?  No problem.
  • Don’t want to file an insurance claim?  No problem.
  • Buying your roof for cash?  No problem.
  • Want to make sure a specific roofer bids on the property?  No problem.  If they are not in the bidding network we’ll put them in.

      RoofBidders makes it easy to keep more money in your pocket in each of these situations. 

How do I know I am going to get a better price through roofers on RoofBidders?

  1. We do not have a select group of roofers who pay fees to get bids from us.  Home Depot, Lowes, HomeAdvisor, Angies List, or other “quoting/bidding” services require the roofer to pay fees.  These roofers have to increase their prices to cover the cost of paying the “lead service”.
  2. We send your roof job out to all accredited roofers in your area – typically between 100-200 local roofers.  Roofers know they are competing against 100+ roofers and aggressively lower their prices to compete.  Most other companies offer only three bids all of which are typically very similar in price.
  3. Roofers are competitively bidding without knowing how much money you have available for the roof job.  Most homeowners make the mistake of telling the roofer how much insurance money (or cash) they have available.  Other “quoting” sites often ask your budget.
  4. Roofing companies pay 25% commission to their salesperson; by eliminating that expense the roofer has lower overhead and passes that on to you in the form of a competitive bid.   Other companies send a salesperson to your house and must recover that cost.  For example, on a $10,000 roof, $2,500 goes to the salesperson.

How much money can we put into your pocket by sharing our profit?

Here is an example bid results review from an actual RoofBidders’ client.  Only the name and addresses of the roofers have been changed.

 Click the image below for a better look at the savings.

RoofBidders Bid Results

RoofBidders Bid Results

How else do we save you money? 

Great technology and blind bidding.  We take satellite photographs of your roof using one of the most advanced and trusted satellite measuring systems available.  We calculate the size, shape, angle, direction, and more so we can determine what materials and labor will be needed to replace the roof.

We send this information without a street address to our vast network of qualified local roofing companies.  They compete to win the roof job by returning detailed pricing for each roof.  We take the 28 best bids and return a bid report to you.  It is fully itemized yet easy to understand so you know what you are paying and what money you can put in your pocket.

How do we know we can trust these roofers?

First, we check credentials like membership and standing in the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and/or the Roofing Contractors Association of Texas (RCAT) as well as references.  Second, they do not pay to be on the list, and we take no referral payment or commission from them to get in our “bidding network”.  We work for you, not a roofing company.  Third, we have worked with many of these roofers for years and have seen their work.  Lastly, you are not obligated to take a bid from the roofers who submitted a bid.  In fact, we encourage you to ask if a local roofer you might like to use is in the network.  If not, we’ll add them in right away.

Just want to know about how much it should cost to replace your roof?

Replacing your roof is a big job, but you are not alone.  Let our expertise help you get the best deal on a new roof.  We can give you the information you need to negotiate your own deal with a roofing contractor. This is the quickest and easiest of our services. Simply order a “Quick Report.”  Using the same satellite technology we tell you about how much in materials you need to replace your roof and an estimated price range of a new roof for your property.  Use it to plan financially to replace your roof or negotiate your own contract with a roofer. If you change your mind and want us to blind bid your roof to our network, no problem!  We will reimburse your Quick Report fee.  It all works seamlessly.  We are always here to answer your questions.  Call or email us right now!

Other FAQ

  1. Am I obligated to accept one of the bids?  No.  You are under no obligation to accept one of the bids presented to you.  However, most people do choose to accept the best bid.
  2. How long until I get a new roof? Receiving our welcome letter means your claim has already been opened with your insurance company. The insurance company has 15 days to respond to your claim (usually coming out to your property) and then another 15 days to accept or reject your claim. Once we receive the decision from the insurance company, which will include the amount of money available for you, we will prepare the bid sheet which includes the satellite acquired information and send it to the roofers. They then have 48 hours to provide their best bid. After we have assembled the bids we will prepare the Bid Results info, send it to you via email, and talk with you on the phone. So the short answer would be around 30-40 days but here at RoofBidders we want to make sure our customers are well-informed and money is not wasted.
  3. What will the insurance adjuster do when he comes out? He will inspect your roof and any other areas of your property that may have been damaged. He may ask you a few questions such as when did the damage occur and when did you first notice the damage. Please be open and honest with them. Remember that they may be looking for a reason to deny your claim. If you did not notice the damage until several months after the storm that is fine – the truth will always prevail, tell it.
  4. How will I know which roofer to choose? We will send you all the information you will need to help you many an informed decision. You will get the price of the bid on your roof, the roofers rating with the BBB, and well as their license or binding number. When we call you to review your bids we will also inform you if the roofers belong to RCAT, if they are insured, and any references they may send us. We will spend as much time as necessary to help you make an informed decision.
  5. How do I know I am getting a better price through RoofBidders than I would if I called a roofer on my own?  It just makes sense. Check out “Why Us?” We have experience with hundreds of roof jobs or claims. The roofers know that if they don’t bid the best price they won’t get the job; whereas if a roofer comes and gives you an estimate by themselves they are going to build in a higher profit since they have to pay the salesperson 25% and they know that 93% of consumers only call one roofer and never comparing prices or negotiate a better price.
  6. Who will set up the roof installation?  Most of our customers prefer to deal with the roofers themselves and normally set up the roof installation according to what works best for them. But if you would like us to help with that process we are available to do so.
  7. What if the insurance company denies my claim? If that happens, don’t worry, you can still get your roof replaced. There are still several options and your representative will discuss those with you during the bid review if necessary.
  8. Are there any fees I will be required to pay RoofBidders?  No.

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