Want to know about how much it will cost to replace your roof?

We provide the tools, technology, and information to either help you either negotiate your own deal with a roofing contractor or blind bid your roof out to over 100 local qualified roofers.

But which service is right for you?

Quick Report: The quickest and easiest of our services is the Quick Report.  Using satellite technology, we tell you roughly how much in materials you will need to replace your roof.  We will also give you a rough idea of the range of labor costs you can expect.

Full Report: A Full Report also uses satellite technology.  We provide exact measurements for your entire roof, photos of each angle, and most everything you need to negotiate with your insurance company or roofer.

Bidding Report: The bidding report incorporates everything from the Full Report; plus, our staff personally handles your entire roofing project from insurance claim, to bidding, to completion.  A custom bidding package is sent out for blind bidding to at least 100 roofing contractors in your area.  Use the Contact Form below to set-up a phone call so we go over the details and send you an order form specific for your property.

NOTE:  If you choose the Quick or Full Report and change your mind later and want to convert to the Bidding Report; you can then use the network to bid your roof all without a single person stepping on your property.  We will reimburse in full the cost of either the Quick Report or the Full Report.

How much money can we put into your pocket with the Bidding Report?

Here is an example bid results review.  The amounts and information are accurate and from a RoofBidders’ client.  Only the name and addresses of the roofers have been changed.

RoofBidders Bid Results

RoofBidders Bid Results

Replacing your roof is a big job, but you are not alone.  Let our years of expertise help you get the best deal from the best roofers for your home.

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