Property Owners

Property owners need a transparent process whereby they can:

A) See and understand the actual costs associated with replacing a roof – WITHOUT paying for it.  What are the measurements of my roof?  How much in materials do I need to replace my roof?  How do I know if a contracting bid is accurate?  I am getting the best deal for my money?  RoofBidders answers all these questions.

All the information about replacing your roof is at your fingertips.  We also handle all the coordination with your insurance company (if needed).  We are always available to answer any questions along the way.  It’s the way roofing should be.

B) Easily choose from qualified roofing contractors when it is time to repair or replace a roof.  There are all kinds of contractor lists out there, but RoofBidders roofers are different.  We check them out by putting them through a qualification process.

Unlike other referral websites, we never charge roofers for joining the RoofBidders network, getting leads or bidding on jobs.  We work for you – the property owner.  Roofers come to us, free of charge, to get the opportunity to work on your roof, that gives you leverage.

C) Effortlessly shop and get multiple bids without being hassled by sales people or have someone dominate your personal time and space.  Seriously, no hassles.  It is done right here, all online.  No taking off work to meet someone between 10:00 AM – 2:oo PM.  No worries about someone getting on your roof, measuring it, and then having all your personal information just to get a quote.

We’ll do it all, while keeping your information private.  We have the technology and a huge list of BBB qualified and hungry (but reputable) roofers.  Plus, we keep your insurance company honest by using the Eagle View results to compare the insurance company’s measurements and estimate.  Fill out the fields to the right to get the process started.

How much money can we put into your pocket?

Here is an example bid results review from an actual RoofBidders' client. Only the name and addresses of the roofers have been changed.

Click the image below for a better look at the savings.
RoofBidders Bid Results

RoofBidders Bid Results