Roofing Contractors


Roofers need a fast, easy, and zero cost way to build their business at their own pace and ability. But as a roofing contractor how can you afford to rapidly market or reach new customers?

A) Instant access to roofing jobs. At RoofBidders, we send roof repair or more typically roof replacement jobs directly to you. You chose the jobs you want to bid on and submit your bid without having to sell or go to the property owner. Do you want to land more roof jobs in a certain geographical area? Simple, just subscribe to jobs in that area.

B) Estimate jobs without leaving your chair. No need to hire or pay new staff to go and measure a house – we do it for you. Each property we work with is measured and imaged using Eagle View. Plus, we will have an insurance estimate for almost every house. We package everything nicely for you so you can prepare your bid without having to make a trip to the property.

C) Land new roof jobs without spending a dime. We charge you nothing to join our bidding network. We DO require you go through a qualification process but, unlike to other groups, networks or marketing systems you might have been sold, there is NO FEE to be a member. It is simple, bid on the jobs you want to work, if the property owner selects your bid, you win the project and pay us nothing. Are you a reputable roofer? Fill out the fields to the right to start the process.