April Storm


Brazoria County Hail Storm? What to do next.

Brazoria County Hail Storm Hail Paths

“Hail and wind like I haven’t seen in all the years I’ve lived here,”

said James S., a Lake Jackson resident who also works in Brazoria County.  Later he remarked “Northwood and West Columbia got hit pretty good and the weather service said Angleton got some 4 inch hail”.

This is no surprise if your reside almost anywhere in Brazoria County, Texas.  Last month’s April showers brought high wind, hail, and what some were calling a 500-year rain.

While a Brazoria County hail storm is not unheard of, it has been several years since Brazoria has seen hail larger than a marble.

The picture above shows a hail path we mapped around Angleton and Lake Jackson from just a single day.  The hail path shows just the center of the storm; the actual swath of the storm was much, much larger.   What does this mean?  If a property was anywhere near this path it got hit.

Did you get large or small hail?

Even small hail can cause significant damage in large volumes or high winds.  Ever seen a picture of hay needles or branches stuck into the side of a barn from tornado winds?  Even small hail such as pea or marble- sized can do significant damage when thrown at 60-70 mph.  The latest Brazoria County hail storms had very high winds.

Brazoria County Hail Storm pea sized hail

Small hail which caused damage in Brazoria

What to do if you suspect you have roof damage from the Brazoria County hail storms?

Call, Examine, Act

  • Call your insurance company, open a claim, and have your roof examined. REMEMBER: Your rates cannot be increased for making a storm related claim.
  • Examine the results of the insurance company’s estimate of damage before doing anything else.
  • Act by taking advantage of the insurance company’s estimate and their money:
    • If they agree to replace your roof in full then start by getting at least 7 bids from qualified roofers (Better Business Bureau, etc.).
    • If they DO NOT agree to replace in full, but only part of your roof then:
      • Get 3 roofers to examine your roof to get their opinion OR
      • Hire a licensed insurance adjuster (not a Public Adjuster) to verify the actual damage OR
      • Contact RoofBidders and we will advise you AT NO CHARGE based on satellite imagery and on the ground spotters.
    • After getting multiple bids by high quality roofers, put a new roof on your home, and save tons of money.

NOTE: If the insurance company denies your claim and you know you have damage from the latest Brazoria County hail storm (or any other storm) then contact an attorney.

REMEMBER:  Take advantage of infrequent but powerful storms to upgrade your home by having the insurance company buy you a new roof whenever possible.

Confused or want more information? Trying to understand the costs associated with replacing a roof?  Call, email, post to Facebook, or tweet to us.  No Fee, No Obligation, Just help for you.

Don’t want to talk to anyone and just want a quick, satellite photograph measurement to help estimate the cost for your roof?  Order the Quick Report

If you have a specific roof issue and can send us a photo via email, Facebook, or Twitter, we will do our best to advise you on the specific issue.