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Will Filing an Insurance Claim After a Storm Increase Insurance Rates?

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Scared that filing an insurance claim after a storm will increase insurance rates? 

You are not alone!  But fortunately, your insurance company is NOT ALLOWED to increase your insurance rates from damage due to storms (or Acts of God).

“But my friend, neighbor, brother-in-law, co-worker, (FILL IN THE BLANK) once told me that filing an insurance claim will make my rates go up.”

Why do most people assume that filing a home insurance claim will increase their rates?

Because we have been conditioned into assuming that a claim, any claim, will cause rates to go up.

Auto insurance has worked this was for so long, we assume all insurance, including home insurance, will operate the same way.

Home insurance does NOT work this way.  

How is home owner insurance different?

The reason behind your claim is the determining factor in whether or not the insurance company can increase your rates (or drop you).

The reason behind a storm claim is very simple – a storm.

Your insurance rates CANNOT be increased due to claim related to a storm.

The answer is simple.  If you have storm damage, make a claim!

Get the money your are owed, WITHOUT the fear of increasing insurance rates.

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