Why Us

Who is RoofBidders and Why do you care?

RoofBidders is owned and operated by hard-working Americans who have extensive backgrounds in technology, roofing, and property insurance resolution.

RoofBidders works for the property owner to get the best possible price for a roof job.  Fast, easy, and transparent, RoofBidders takes the stress out of dealing with sales people and contractors; while, keeping the insurance company honest with RoofBidders’ satellite technology measuring system.

We eliminate the fear that comes from failing to get competitive bids or signing with the first contractor who claims he will replace your roof for “whatever” the insurance company will pay.

What else?

  • We have a perfect A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.
  • We have built a leading-edge brand new business model to serve homeowners and roofers alike.
  • We have 200+ roofing contractors eager to blind bid on your roof at rates at least 25% below what you can get on your own.
  • We have access to satellite technology which takes pictures and measurements of your home to keep everyone honest.
  • We know a lot of about roofing.  A lot.

We work for you!

How much money can we put into your pocket?

Here is an example of a bid results review from an actual RoofBidders’ client.  Only the name and addresses of the roofers have been changed.

Click the image below for a better look at the savings.
RoofBidders Bid Results

RoofBidders Bid Results

Do you think it makes sense to shop around before buying a VERY, VERY expensive item which you will wear everyday for 20-30 years?

No, we are not talking about a wedding ring, we are talking about the roof over your home!   We believe buying a roof should be a transparent and easy to understand process.   All the information you need to make a good financial decision should be in your hand BEFORE you talk to roofing contractors.

You know that terrible feeling you get when the automobile mechanic says you MUST replace a part on your car; but you have no idea what he is talking about and it costs over $1,000.  Buying a roof is 10x that expensive.

Once you know you need a new roof, now you need to decide:

  1. How big is my roof?
  2. How steep is it (i.e. pitch) and how does that affect the cost?
  3. How many shingles (metal, slate, tiles, or whatever) will it take to cover it?
  4. What is the cost of materials versus labor in my area?
  5. How do I get multiple bids without being hassled to death by sales guys?
  6. How do I handle my deductible?

How do I know I am going to get a better price through roofers on RoofBidders?

  1. We do not have a select group of roofers who pay fees to get bids from us.  Home Depot, Lowes, HomeAdvisor, Angies List, or other “quoting/bidding” services require the roofer to pay fees.  These roofers have to increase their prices to cover the cost of paying the “lead service”.
  2. We send your roof job out to all accredited roofers in your area – typically between 100-200 local roofers.  Roofers know they are competing against 100+ roofers and aggressively lower their prices to compete.  Most companies offer only three bids, all of which are typically very similar in price.
  3. Roofers are competitively bidding without knowing how much money you have available for the roof job.  Most homeowners make the mistake of telling the roofer how much insurance money (or cash) they have available.  Other “quoting” sites often ask your budget.
  4. Roofing companies pay 25% commission to their salesperson; by eliminating that expense the roofer has lower overhead and passes that on to you in the form of a competitive bid.   Other companies send a salesperson to your house and must recover that cost.  For example, on a $10,000 roof, $2,500 goes to the salesperson.

More questions on how this works?  Go to our FAQ